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Make a tool to browse Wikidata item geometry on OpenStreetMap
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There are various places that OSM geometry is displayed for Wikiata items — for example, in Commons infoboxes. There are other tools that show single points for many items (e.g. #WikiShootMe). It would be good to have a way to browse the actual geometric shapes of places. The tool could also help with linking back from OSM to Wikidata (which is important for Kartographer displaying things on wikis).

Examples of existing tools:


  • Source code repository:
  • Figure out querying and caching of data from Overpass and Wikidata APIs
  • Create Toolforge project:
  • Create Phabricator project: tool-wdlocator
  • Set up auto-deployment (easier to just do it manually)
  • Fix display of infopanel when no matching language is found (with CTA for translating)
  • Add legend to explain symbology
  • Update Toolhub info
  • Add POIs for Wikidata items within the bouding box that are not present in OSM
  • Select all of a relation's members when any is selected
  • Enable viewing multiple Wikidata items when a single OSM feature is selected
  • Jump to current device location
  • Add search box to map (search via OSM or Wikidata?)
  • Add photo-upload link or feature
  • Use topic's main category P910 as well as P373 to find the category
  • Show message when no data is found for an area (otherwise nothing is visible).
  • Don't allow longitude to go outside ±180°.
  • Get rid of confusing "3 C, 22 F" shorthand, and spell it out fully.
  • Add 'close' to infobox
  • Handle multiple values for wikidata=* OSM key.

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