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Values dependent on does not work when paired with a dropdown input
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Steps to replicate the issue:

  • Create a form as below:
{{{for template|Page}}}
{{{field|Country|input type=dropdown|property=Country}}}
{{{field|City|input type=dropdown|values dependent on=Page[Country]}}}
{{{end template}}}
  • Create a set of Page pages with Country and City fields filled with data
  • Try to create a new page via a form
  • Set Country to something

What happens?:

  • The City dropdown contains no options

What should have happened instead?:

  • The City dropdown should be populated with options when Country input value is changed

Software version:

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For what it's worth, with two dropdowns you can use "show on select" instead. It's kind of annoying, because then you have to define a different 2nd dropdown (with a different field name) for each value in the 1st dropdown, but it works.

Yes, that's a possible workaround, though it's not very convenient