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Export already-known "photo ←→ Wikidata" to help imports in Commons-Structured-Data
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This Task is about "somehow connecting" already-uploaded WLM-IT photos to Wikimedia Commons Structured Data (SDC).



Maybe we can export a list like this:

File:File 1.jpg, Wikidata 1 ID
File:File 2.jpg, Wikidata 2 ID
File:File 3.jpg, Wikidata 3 ID

Example expected result:

File:Ayas - Chiesa di StJacques des Allemands.jpg,Q85860750
File:Barletta - Castello di Barletta - 2023-09-04 17-46-37 010.jpg,Q2968443
File:Bologna - Santuario della Madonna di San Luca - 2023-09-02 19-39-03 001.jpg,Q2004104

And then I can do the rest with a PHP bot I already prepared.

How to create that list

  1. From the list of all monuments
  2. For each monument
    1. get its Wikidata ID
    2. get its WLM ID
    3. find all photos in Commons that have its WLM ID
      1. for each file
        1. print filename and Q-ID

Success conditions

  • All photos from this category have the property P180 "depicts" in Wikimedia Commons itself:

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Ferdi2005 subscribed.

I can prepare this list if you are still interested.