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[CM] [EPIC] Migrate Wikidata's Item Quality Evaluator to Codex
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Wikidata's Item Quality Evaluator is a tool that users can utilize to check the average value of the quality scores of Wikidata Items.

The tool was built as a single page application using Bootstrap with Vue 2. It was later updated to Vue 3 in order to avoid the consequences of Vue 2's end of life (link task!).

Now, to reduce technical debt and maintenance costs, ensure consistency and improve future development effectiveness, the Item Quality Evaluator should be migrated to Codex.

Main objective

Replace the Item Quality Evaluator's components and styles by Wikimedia design system's (Codex) elements and tokens.

The process will involve:

  1. Assessing the parity of components and styles, and creating relevant design specifications
  2. Conducting a technical investigation to define the migration approach
  3. Replacing the components used in the Item Quality Evaluator's UI 1:1, making sure that all functionality is preserved
  4. Replacing current styling using Codex style tokens and mixins
  5. Ensure that usability, internationalization and accessibility are not negatively impacted by the migration
  6. Closure and clean up