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October 2023 Wikimedia movement metrics
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Process described here:

  • Calculate metrics for readers (and post data to auto-updated editors & readers spreadsheets)
  • Run viz charts
  • Commit notebooks output to Git and push to GitHub.
  • Analyze calculated metrics for readers
  • Prepare notes and analysis:
  • Review analysis in Kate/Maya/Irene/Neil sync
  • draft exec summary
  • Review summary with Kate/Irene
  • Create highlights slides for PMM

Once the slides are completed,

  • upload the month's slides to Commons as a PDF (you can use the May 2020 report as a guide), and add “WMF Product Analytics” category when uploading.
  • update Product_Analytics page to include the PDF you just uploaded.
  • Share insights on Slack : #insights-and-data channel
  • Create next month's task

Event Timeline renamed this task from September 2023 Wikimedia movement metrics to October 2023 Wikimedia movement metrics.Oct 26 2023, 10:03 PM claimed this task.

I'm waiting on Oct 2023 content metrics to be updated before I upload the slides to Commons moved this task from Doing to Needs sign-off on the Movement-Insights board.