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Add bbcwiki to wikistats
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Please add new wiki bbcwiki to Wikistats, once it is created. Thanks!

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MariaDB [wikistats]> insert into wikipedias (prefix, lang, loclang, method) values ("bbc", "Toba Batak", "ᯅᯖᯂ᯲ ᯖᯬᯅ / Batak Toba", 8);
 /usr/lib/wikistats/update.php wp prefix bbc
sent query: 'select * from wikipedias where prefix="bbc"'.
A(1/346) - - calling API:
-> http answer: 200 -> parsing answer: 0
getting version for> OK - total: 0 good: 0 edits: 0 users: 0 active users: 0 admins: 1 images: 0
---> update wikipedias set total="0",good="0",edits="0",users="0",activeusers="0",admins="1",images="0",http="200",si_generator="MediaWiki 1.42.0-wmf.3",ts=NOW() where id="363";