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spurious #ask results with unknown namespace
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if i should misspell a namespace, I get a screen full of spurious results that are not useful. May I suggest an error message can be returned when

[[some-namespace:+]] is not a defined namespace?

thanks - john

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This is normal behaviour. If part of a query is not understood, SMW will run the query anyway with the remaining conditions. In this case, there are no conditions, and all pages (including the historical ones of Bug 18406) are returned. However, I agree that it makes sense to stop query processing in any case if there are errors and no valid conditions were found. This is implemented now in r111255.

In general, you can set $smwgIgnoreQueryErrors = false in LocalSettings to make SMW stop query answering when errors are found (whether or not the query is empty).

Thanks for the tips and explanation.