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Update Vector for Template Literal Expression Spacing
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The latest version of eslint-config-wikimedia requires spaces inside template literal expressions. In Vector, ensure that spaces are added inside the expressions of template literal expressions. This adjustment aligns with the updated eslint-config-wikimedia rules.



document.documentElement.classList.remove(`${ featureName }-clientpref-${ possibleValue }`);

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@KSarabia-WMF: Assuming this task is about the Desktop Improvements (Vector 2022) code project, hence adding that project tag so other people who don't know or don't care about team tags can also find this task when searching via projects. Please set appropriate project tags when possible. Thanks!

Hi and thank you for your interest! Please check thoroughly (and all of its communication section!). The page covers how to get started, assigning tasks, task status, how to find a codebase, how to create patches, where to ask general development questions and where to get help with setup problems, and how to ask good questions. Thanks a lot! :)

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This seems to be fixed. template-curly-spacing is not disabled