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Homepage: customization / personalization
Open, Needs TriagePublic


User story & summary:

As an editor who continues to utilize the Homepage (Special:Homepage), I want the ability to customize which modules are displayed, because then I can create a homepage that is personalized and more relevant to my interests.

Background & research:

This task is important because:

  • As editors progress, some of the newcomer homepage modules become less relevant, and it would be nice for editors to be able to dismiss them.
  • As new editors deepen their involvement in the wikis, they may want to add new modules to their Homepage to reflect their interests.
  • As new editors deepen their involvement in the wikis, communities might want to configure which modules are suggested to editors as a way to help funnel more editors into tasks that need more support. (Patrolling, etc.)

The Newcomer homepage was originally designed for brand new account holders to provide them with a clear starting place on the wikis. The Newcomer homepage features succeed in helping more new account holders edit for the first time. However, ideally the Homepage should remain relevant relevant overtime. This task is the first step towards creating the framework needed to allow the Homepage to be easily personalized as editors progress on the wikis.

Open Questions:

What level of modularity will we support? Can users drag modules around? Can the modules in the narrower the right column move into the larger left column?



Acceptance Criteria:

Given I'm an account holder,
When I navigate to my Homepage,
Then I can customize which modules that are displayed

Given I'm an account holder,
When I have removed a module from my Homepage,
Then I can re-enable a module that I mistakenly disabled