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Special:Export does not support IfModifiedSince
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Author: osricwiki

Special:Export does not support the HTTP header IfModifiedSince, even in single page mode.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: enhancement


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osricwiki wrote:

Adds IfModifiedSince support to Special:Export

Patch against 1.4beta6 to add IfModifiedSince support to Special:Export.
Nothing fancy


the.r3m0t wrote:

If this were done,
would be easier for external sites to implement. (I want to make such a site if
MediaWiki will not take this suggestion)

The proposal follows because things come and go on the pump, although it will be
filed on bugzilla at some point.

It struck me that to speed the discovery of vandalism, pumping out diffs at a
high rate on a specific page, thereby getting rid of the Recentchanges
middleman, may be a good idea.

It would be similar in structure to Slashdot's Meta Moderation
( system: a designated page, perhaps
Special:Monitor, would pump out X number of recent diffs made within the last Y
days, on one single page, for the purpose of fast eyeballing.

This would cut out the "middleman" of Recentchanges for those on janitorial
duty; only the refresh button needs to be repeatedly abused in order to view
massive amounts of diffs and scan for vandalism at a very fast rate.

The details of the method by which diffs are chosen for display can be left to
peoplewith more expertise, but I'll offer up some suggestions:

  • The number of diffs and timerange to pull from can be o user customisable, or o fixed at say, 10 diffs per page, pulled from diffs made within the

last 5 days

  • The choosing of whether a diff displays on Monitor can be o completely random, or o completely random, but "viewed" diffs are never viewed again, or o use a probability system. + a more frequently edited/viewed article, the diffs of the

article will appear on Monitor more frequently

+ an already viewed diff would have its probability of being

chosen for Monitor cut, to say, 1/1000th of the original probability

Only suggestions, I don't know enough about the throughput of changes and the
number of janitors on duty at any given time to know which method is more
feasible. But I believe a Monitor page would greatly facilitate the speedy
discovery of vandalism.

Znode 05:40, 2005 Jun 14 (UTC)

Now, there's something for me to consider... r3m0t talk 12:07, Jun 14, 2005


the.r3m0t wrote:

Oh... has anyone checked this on 1.5? Maybe somebody fixed it without knowing
about this bug report.

A few notes:

  • SpecialExport.php has changed quite a bit in 1.5, this patch won't apply
  • You need to use the page_touched time, not the revision edit timestamp; renames, undeletes, and such wacky things

might make the last edit timestamp inconsistent.

  • The check is happening in the wrong place -- multiple pages may be exported, or we might be exporting to a file with no

web server in sight. Since this will only be meaningful for single-page GET requests, the check should probably happen
higher up in the code before the exporter gets involved.

Removing need-review, patch keywords as patch failed review.

Mass compoment change: <some> -> Export/Import wrote:

Special:Export has changed its behaviour completely over the intervening six years; the functionality desired here is probably best found in the API or the RecentChanges Atom/RSS feeds; file appropriate new bugs if more functionality is desired there.

epriestley added a commit: Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Mar 4 2015, 8:14 AM