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Cowboy emojis on talk page
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Add cowboy emojis next to team members on the UV talk page, in line with the behaviour of RW 16.1

Hello, RedWarn/Ultraviolet team! I am requesting the feature of the cowboy icon next to a team member gets added to Ultraviolet for parity with RedWarn, as in a box at the top of the page, it states, "If you have RedWarn installed, the cowboy logo 🤠 will appear next to [an Ultraviolet team member's] name." In other words, this small detail from RedWarn should be added to Ultraviolet. It will make it less confusing for those who need to know who works on UV/RW. For example, Ultraviolet Team Member (talk) would become Ultraviolet Team Member 🤠 (talk). - The Master of Hedgehogs (always up for a conversation!) 19:37, 9 February 2024 (UTC)