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Semantic MediaWiki PHP Error in RSS Query Printer when using creator or date labels
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I'm using trunk of SMW and trying to create an RSS feed like this:

{{#ask: [[Category:Book Pile]] [[Added by::+]] [[Added on::+]]

? Added by = creator
? Added on = date
sort=Added on
rsstitle=Book Pile
rssdescription=Latest suggestions of books to consider reading.


The feed will work if "= creator" and "= date" are not set. If they are set, I get the following PHP error.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SMWDIWikiPage::getShortWikiText() in /srv/www/mediawiki/public_html/w/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/queryprinters/SMW_QP_RSSlink.php on line 75

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SMWDITime::getXMLSchemaDate() in /srv/www/mediawiki/public_html/w/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/queryprinters/SMW_QP_RSSlink.php on line 79

The code in question is the method call on $entry here

if ( strtolower( $req->getLabel() ) == 'creator' ) {

		foreach ( $field->getContent() as $entry ) {
				$creators[] = $entry->getShortWikiText();

} elseif ( ( strtolower( $req->getLabel() ) == 'date' ) && ( $req->getTypeID() == '_dat' ) ) {

		foreach ( $field->getContent() as $entry ) {
				$dates[] = $entry->getXMLSchemaDate();


I tried to see if I could figure out a patch but it wasn't obvious to me.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Thanks for reporting this, seems like this issue was introduced in 1.6. Ought to be fixed by r108905 - can you confirm?

Confirmed. Updated to r108922 and it is all good now. Thanks Jeroen!