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(GSoC 2024) Scribe-iOS: Add multilingual translation and internationalized interfaces
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This is one of two projects for Google Summer of Code 2024 for the Scribe organization that makes keyboard applications for second language learners using Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects as a basis for the data. The goal of Scribe is to provide everything that a user needs to help them with their second language in any app without them needing to leave their keyboard to look up grammar or other needed information. One focuses on Scribe-iOS (T358063), and the other on Scribe-Data (T358064).

We are a Wikimedia Project for New Developers and would love to work with you!

Project Goals

  • One of the main features of Scribe-iOS is the translation feature that allows the user to translate in keyboard into their second language
    • As of now the keyboard switches from the keyboard language to English, and then the user can enter in a word to translate
    • We would like to allow the user to select any other Scribe keyboard language as a source language to translate from
    • For example: translating from German to Spanish, French to Swedish, etc
  • Beyond this we want to expand the internationalization/localization of Scribe applications
    • We want to implement a modern internationalization stack focussed on Transifex
    • The internationalization strings will be within the Scribe-i18n repository and then shared across other projects (Scribe-iOS, Scribe-Desktop and eventually Scribe-Android)
  • Expanding internationalization so that Scribe-iOS is also localized in the App Store could be another step, with this being more Figma based
  • Along with this will be some Python work to expand the translation data services (this can also be during the initial tasks phase)

Project Specifics

  • Size: 350 hours
  • Rating: Intermediate
  • Languages: Swift, maybe Python, maybe SPARQL query language
  • What you'll learn: modern iOS development, modern internationalization processes, maybe Figma, maybe ETL processes
  • Prerequisites: the intern needs to develop on Mac as they need access to Xcode, prior Swift experience is a plus



All issues related to this project will be tracked on GitHub. Please join our community Matrix spaces to chat with the team and learn more about Scribe! Specifically we have a room for GSoC and another for Scribe-iOS. During the program your mentors will be happy to communicate with you on GitHub or via Matrix. You'll also be invited to the Scribe bi-weekly developer calls where you'll have time to present your progress and work with the team on any problems. Calls and checkins outside of the syncs can also happen if needed :)

Event Timeline

Hi @AndrewTavis

I have added this project to our GSOC 2024 Media Wiki page:

Kindly share your project via Wikitech by replying to this thread:

If this is your first time mentoring via GSoC, I recommend reviewing this guide for mentors: Additionally, I'll add you to our Zulip chat where you can connect with fellow mentors for ongoing support and collaboration.

Hi @Maryann-Onyinye 👋 Just sent along the reply to the thread! Thanks so much for the support and direction :) :)