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Tweaking th.wikiquote
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Author: KaewWiki

Please kindly make the following changes to the site.

  1. Enable Extension:AbuseFilter
  2. $wgEnableDnsBlacklist = true
  3. wgLocaltimezone => 'Asia/Bangkok'
  4. Change $wgNamespaceRobotPolicies so that search engines DO NOT index all namespaces

EXCEPT the following:

0 Main
4 Project
8 MediaWiki
10 Template
12 Help
14 Category

  1. Change the logo toไฟล์:TH-Wikiquote_009.png

Local discussions for reference.วิกิคำคม:ศาลาชุมชน/อภิปราย/ปรับแต่ง_MediaWiki_ของวิกิคำคมไทยวิกิคำคม:ศาลาชุมชน/อภิปราย/โลโก้โครงการ

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Per bug 33847, AbuseFilter is enabled everywhere, and has been for a while

Logo is the wrong dimensions

  1. Already done
  2. Done
  3. Done
  4. Done
  5. Not done due to wrong size