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Create project page for Autosuggest linking Wikidata item after creating an article
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Hello genie, thanks for signing up to fulfil a wish! This Phabricator card will help you create a new project page for the proposal you are fulfilling.

Per Community Tech procedure, once a proposal has been approved for development, you need to create a project page to provide basic information about it.

Here is some guidance:

  • Next, add an infobox by copying and pasting the wikitext below unto the new page you are creating. In the infobox, only complete/add a value to the name parameter by insert the name of the wish there.
{{Wikimedia engineering project information
|logo        = 
|wishlist    = yes
|name        = 
|description = 
|start       =
|end         =
|group       = {{pg|Community Tech}}
|lead        =  
|team        = 
|phabricator = 
|updates     = 
|previous    =
|next        =
|projectpage =
|display     = {{{display|}}}
  • Next, it's time to briefly describe what this proposal is about. Share the proposal's name; if it has been renamed, please indicate it so others are informed. Include how the proposal ranked in the survey. Describe what problem the proposal seeks to solve. Provide links where necessary. See an example below:

The Edit Recovery feature (previously known as the Auto-save feature) was the #8 wish in the Community Wishlist Survey 2023. This feature saves wikitext and other edit form information while typing, and allows for restoring it after the browser has been accidentally closed, or a power or network outage or browser crash has happened. Requests for this functionality have been made more than once.

  • The next thing is to state the purpose of the new project page. Copy and past the boilerplate text on a new line:

This page outlines Community Tech's approach to addressing the needs expressed in this wish's proposal, as well as considering previous discussions around the request.

  • Lastly, review your work, and publish the page!

Note: Should you have an update to post during the hackathon, please go ahead and add it to the page you have created. Since updates vary, the most important thing is to use sections to share them.

Here are some examples of sections and their headers for various updates added to pages during the development of a wish. Please let the section titles reflect the kind of update you are giving. See examples below:

== Implementation options ==
== Legal considerations ==
== Design updates ==
== Investigations ==
== Project Status Updates ==

And so on.

Thanks for volunteering to do the documentation!

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STei-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

@STei-WMF says that this project has been "Done" already. Are you sure that the sections above all make sense?

Samwilson subscribed.

The gadget isn't quite complete yet, there's a bit more to be done (see the AutosuggestSitelink board). There's already a documentation page at, but perhaps that's slightly different from a project (i.e. time-bound specific work)?

@STei-WMF putting this on your radar, as we want to update the community of this new gadget by 4/19

@srishakatux: A good first task is a self-contained, non-controversial task with a clear approach. It should be well-described with pointers to help a completely new contributor. Given the current task description pointing to zero information about the project to be documented, I am removing the good first task tag. (Plus I personally don't really understand why to create an empty placeholder page for stuff that happened ages ago - does not sound useful for any reader or like a good use of anyone writer's time.)

Is there actually anything more to be done for this task? The current project page needs to be made not-a-draft and marked for translation perhaps, but its content seems okay to me (I'll try to add some more about the recent developments to the gadget).

Plus I personally don't really understand why to create an empty placeholder page for stuff that happened ages ago - does not sound useful for any reader or like a good use of anyone writer's time.

What empty placeholder are you talking about?

Updates from March 2024 Wishathon were added here on an existing page:

@Aklapper Oops! I overlooked the link in the description where we were asking potential task owners to add more information.