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Complete migration of MediaWiki documentation
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Statement of Interest

Personal Information

Name: Chidera Winifred John
Location: Uyo, Nigeria
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Github: johnwinifred

Professional Information

I am a Technical writer with expertise in developer documentation, Docs-as-Code, and API documentation. My expertise includes creating tutorials, how-to guides, API docs, and whitepapers. I'm experienced with static site generators like Docusaurus and GitBook and have managed documentation migrations with these tools.

Having over 2 years in Software development, I have contributed to open-source projects like Hacktoberfest 2022 and improved developer documentation for these projects.

Why I am perfect for this role:

My expertise is in user-analysis research and data gathering. I excel in gathering feedback from the community and leveraging it to create comprehensive user-persona case studies allowing me to tailor documentation to enhance the user experience effectively. My proficiency in this area makes me an ideal candidate for improving the user experience on MediaWiki documentation.

Furthermore, my proficiency in using various flavours of Markdown demonstrates my adaptability and willingness to learn new technologies. While I am already well-versed in Markdown, I have encountered no challenges in familiarizing myself with wikitext.

I am eager to bring my skills and experience to the MediaWiki project, and I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the team and community to achieve our shared goals.

Technical Writing Experiences:

Project Statement

Project Title: Complete migration of MediaWiki documentation


Problem/ Pain points:

Case 1:
There are still some pages on Meta that contain MediaWiki documentation. In most cases, these pages cannot be imported directly to because of licensing restrictions or because a corresponding page already exists on This duplication makes it harder for users of MediaWiki to find the information they need and harder for documentation writers to maintain the docs, and as a result, the Meta pages have often become very outdated.

Proposed Solution:

There are two issues here as that pose this problem:

Licencing restriction

For pages that cannot be directly imported due to licensing restrictions, the best approach is migrating content from Meta to This may involve rewriting the content to comply with licensing restrictions and ensure accuracy. For pages without equivalents on, I will create new pages to cover the content as defined by the scope of the project.
There is still a duplication issue, and it is harder to maintain both.

I propose two solutions:

  • Merge Content: Since both contents on Meta and MediaWiki are the same, consider merging the information from both pages into a single comprehensive page on This consolidation reduces duplication and provides users with a unified source of information.
  • Redirect Meta pages: When the user lands on the content on Meta, they should be redirected to MediaWiki to access updated information.

Existing Corresponding pages on Media Wiki.

I conducted a personal audit and compared the existing documentation on both MediaWiki and Meta. From the audit, I have been fully able to undersatnd why documentation maintenance has been a pain due to corresponding pages.
For pages that have equivalents on, I will conduct a thorough review and comparison between the Meta and pages to identify any missing information on that needs to be added or any outdated content on Meta that needs to be updated or removed.

Here's how I plan to solve this problem:

  1. Manual Review:
    • Begin by reading through the content of the Meta page thoroughly, taking note of key information, formatting, and any potential discrepancies.
    • Next, navigate to the corresponding page on and carefully compare it with the Meta page, paying close attention to differences in content, structure, and formatting.
  1. Diff Tools:
    • Utilize MediaWiki diff tool to compare the text content of the Meta page with its counterpart on

Proposed Timeline

Phase 1May - JuneResearch and Information Gathering
- Conduct a comprehensive audit on MediaWiki documentation on Meta-Wiki/List to identify pages requiring migration or restructuring.
- Compile a comprehensive list of pages that need to be migrated.
- Create a detailed plan outlining the approach for migrating and restructuring the identified pages.
Phase 2July - SeptemberWriting and Documentation Design
- Write and edit documentation for based on the identified needs and the compiled list of pages
- Compare the Meta page with its equivalent using Diff tools for more accuracy.
- Create new documentation pages as needed, focusing on clarity, completeness, and relevance to users.
- Regularly update progress reports to track the completion status of each documentation page.
Phase 3OctoberEditing and Initial Review
- Make sure that all documentation style guides are followed.
- Get feedback from Project mentors and make necessary revisions to ensure clarity, accuracy, and completeness of the documentation.
- Conduct thorough reviews to address any potential issues or gaps identified during the feedback process.
Phase 4NovemberFinal Review and Publication
- Complete the migration of relevant content from Meta to and publish the migrated and newly created documentation on
- Test navigation paths, search functionality, and page layouts to ensure a user-friendly experience.
- Develop documentation and guidance on how to maintain and update the published content on

Proposed Budget

Research & Auditing$1500
Writing & Editing$6000
Subscription for tools and software$150

This is my proposed budget but I am open to discussing this.

Engagement and Review Guidelines

I understand that every project comes with its unique set of challenges and complexities. I am prepared to adapt to evolving requirements, adjust timelines as needed, and communicate effectively with the team, ensuring that we stay on track towards achieving our goals.
Beyond the immediate goals of the project, I am eager to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the documentation, contribute to future initiatives, and continue to be an active and engaged member of the MediaWiki community for years to come.

Additional Information

I am open to working on the documentation for "Integrate new hooks system into the MediaWiki docs."
With my background as a software developer, I have experience in running tests, using the command line and implementing Code-as-Docs. It will be an exciting experience for me working on a developer-based documentation.

Event Timeline

apaskulin subscribed.

Hi @user_123, Thanks for your interest in Season of Docs! In your proposal, you mention pushing wiki page content to GitHub. I'm concerned this would duplicate the content unnecessarily. There is a history page on the wikis that already displays the history of the content over time. For example, see for

Hi @apaskulin,
Thank you for mentioning this, it was an oversight. I have made the necessary changes.
Please, do let me know if there is any issue that I need to look into.

Thank you! I'm going to move your proposal into the Reviewed column. We'll let you know on May 10 if we've selected your proposal.

Hi @user_123, Can you update your statement of interest to include the number of hours per week that you would be available to work on the project? Thanks!