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Wikidata - taxon name not label
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Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):
Wikidata to display taxon name (P 225) instead of label, for properties including P 171 (parent taxon), P 1403 (original combination), P 1420 (taxon synonym), P 427 (taxonomic type).

Use case(s) (list the steps that you performed to discover that problem, and describe the actual underlying problem which you want to solve. Do not describe only a solution):
(1) Cheracebus lucifer current displays (en) original combination = Lucifer titi. The original combination is Callicebus lucifer, which should be the name displayed.
(2) Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) currently displays parent taxon = Orangutan. The parent taxon is Pongo, which should be the name displayed.

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):
Enhanced propriety and utility. Thank you.

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Lydia_Pintscher subscribed.

Thank you for filing the ticket. This looks to me like a data modelling topic that should be discussed with the editors on Wikidata. is likely a good start.