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WikiLearn or WikiQuiz
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Author: Hrogtar

I already posted this request in the German feature request page and was told to
place it here as well. My idea is to create something like your personal learning
file which could be named WikiLearn or WikiQuiz. I would want to work it like this:
for every article in Wiki* the authors also create questions (like "When was William
Shakespeare born?") and connect them with the right answers. If a user comes across
a question he would like to add to his active knowldge he could just click a
link "Add question to my personal question folder" and it would be added to his
question list. After some time complete question lists for various topics could be
created (like "Basics of English literature") and could be shared among the users.
And, of course, the users should be able to learn these questions in a small applet
which asks questions, corrects your answers and keeps track of your learning
progress (questions you couldn't answer should be asked more often than those you
already knew). I would like to hear some comments about this idea. Maybe I'm posting
this idea on the wrong site again? I hope something like that could be implemented.

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elian wrote:

see also [[meta:Wikiquiz]]

Please read
The system administrators don't create wikis unless it get
request by the WikiMedia board.