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Links to media files do not scale
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Author: mapellegrini

Attempts to access or save any page with large numbers of media links to ogg
files fail.

[[Wikipedia:sound/list]] is the largest so far, and I have not been able to
access, edit, or save it for almost two weeks (every attempt fails)

On Brion's advice, I pruned down the table from that page, and tried to save it
as a simple list (see for the wikitext).
This too failed.

Later, I attempted to add the following to the article on [[Ludwig van
Beethoven]]. It contains exactly 15 media links, and it too fails most of the time:

{{multi-listen start}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus30-1 04.ogg|title=Opus 30, movement
1|description=Violin Sonata No. 6 in A major, 1st movement|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus30-2 05.ogg|title=Opus 30, movement
2|description=Violin Sonata No. 6 in A major, 2nd movement|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus30-3 06.ogg|title=Opus 30, movement
3|description=Violin Sonata No. 6 in A major, 3rd movement|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus47-1 01.ogg|title=Opus 47, movement
1|description= Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major "Kreutzer", 1st
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus47-2 02.ogg|title=Opus 47, movement
2|description=Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major "Kreutzer", 2nd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - opus47-3 03.ogg|title=Opus 47, movement
3|description=Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major "Kreutzer", 3rd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven concerto4 1.ogg|title=Concierto 4,
movement 1|description= Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, 1st
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven concerto4 2.ogg|title=Concierto 4,
movement 2|description= Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, 2nd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - Sonata opus 111 -1.ogg|title=Opus 111,
movement 1|description= Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, movement 1|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Beethoven - Sonata opus 111 -2.ogg|title=Opus 111,
movement 2|description=Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, 2nd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Ludwig van Beethoven - Overtüre c-moll, op.
62.ogg|title=Opus 62|description=Overture - Coriolan|format=[[Ogg]]}}
{{multi-listen item|filename=Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie 5 c-moll - 1.
Allegro con brio.ogg|title=Symphonie 5, movement 1|description=5th Symphony, 1st
{{multi-listen item|filename=Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie 5 c-moll - 2.
Andante con moto.ogg|title=Symphonie 5, movement 2|description=5th Symphony, 2nd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie 5 c-moll - 3.
Allegro.ogg|title=Symphonie 5, movement 3|description=5th Symphony, 3rd
{{multi-listen item|filename=Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie 5 c-moll - 4.
Allegro.ogg|title=Symphonie 5, movement 4|description=5th Symphony, 4th
{{multi-listen end}}

I asked in MediaWiki-General. Jamesday had previously looked into it after I asked him to:

23:14] <Jamesday_> Raul, please file a bug report using that as an example - I
can't save it to the sandbox either.
[23:14] <Jamesday_> seems not to get to the master database server.
[23:19] <Raul654> I have 3 seperate ones I could file
[23:19] <Raul654> you want me to attach all 3?
[23:19] <Jamesday_> yes, any which show it - seems to be some useful common
factor there - only once, for two tries, did I se your or my tries hitting the
master server to actually make the save
[23:20] <Jamesday_> so somehing seems to be stopping them before they get that far.
[23:20] <Raul654> the ones I just made to Beethoven, they saved
[23:20] <Raul654> but timed out
[23:20] <Raul654> (timed out all three times, but on the third time, the save
went through as well)
[23:25] <Jamesday_> That suggests that the third one got to the database server

  • didn't show up on my snapshots but that's not too surprising.

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