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Logo changes
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Author: arie

It seems that nobody has changed the page "Requests for logos
" for a long time. There are logos which are waiting to be
replaces since December (and afterwards).


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Implement archiving, stop updating indexes in the gadgetrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!90tstarlingwork/tstarling/archivemain
Add template for wish type; update row template per designsrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!82musikanimalwish-typemain
Error/validation states: wish formrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!77samtarT363218main
Don't load gadget for logged-out users and show message to log inrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!69musikanimallogged-out-msgmain
StatusSection: save status to wish page; allow changing it by staff in formrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!67musikanimalstatusmain
mediawiki-pages: bring Wish template closer to designsrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!64musikanimalT363223main
mediawiki-pages: Fix tasks value in demo pagerepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!61musikanimalfix-tasks-in-demo-pagemain
Add focus area template, dummy data, basic Lua modulerepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!59musikanimalmore-mediawiki-pagesmain
DeploymentCommand: add user-group-css task for user group CSSrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!57musikanimalanon-textmain
Show codex dialog if user is not logged inrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!56samtarT363221main
Add 'Terms of Use' field to intake formrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!27samwilsontermsofuse-T364959main
Add more wishlist pages, templates and basic bot runrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!22musikanimaltemplatesmain
Add 'setup' command to automate deploying necessary pages and templatesrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!14musikanimalmediawiki-pagesmain
patchforreview_remover: Add support for gitlab MRs in some reposladsgroup/Phabricator-maintenance-bot!6ladsgroupgitlab_mr_supportmaster
feat(featureset): fall back to default quality thresholds for unseen wikisrepos/research/knowledge_integrity!37mnzmnz/supported-wikismain
Remove duplicate healthz routetoolforge-repos/logo-test!2taavitaavi/healthzmain
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