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Use deptrac for architecture and dependency checks on all repositories
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Currently, we're using a crude workaround to avoid using test dependencies in production: We uninstall the test dependencies and run an external instance of PHPStan, packaged in a Docker Image. This has two problems: An additional docker image just to run PHPStan. And the PHPStan version in the docker image can get out of sync with the PHPStan version of the repository.

A better way to handle this check is using deptrac. It allows more fine-grained control over which namespaces are allowed to depend on other namespaces.

The payment repository and subscription repository show good examples on how to define dependency rules for a bounded context. Other bounded context that need similar dependency rules are:

We have some libraries where the dependency rules can be simplified to "don't use dev dependencies":

Our Applications need different, probably more complex rules: