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datetimepicker ignores timezone
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Adding a {{{field|start|input type=datetimepicker|include timezone|default=2024-09-09T19:00:00+02:00}}} produces

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Expected Result:
Date is displayed as 19:00:00 CEST or 17:00:00 Z

Actual Result:
Date is displayed as 19:00:00 Z

Version: Page Forms 5.7.2 with MediaWiki 1.39.7

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It's not suprising that this fails for you, because the "datetimepicker" input actually does not support the "include timezone" parameter, unfortunately - only the "datetime" input does. That, in turn, is because the JavaScript widget that "datetimepicker" uses - DateTimeInputWidget from OOUI - doesn't support timezones, other than UTC. So, other than with a hack, I don't think can be done; you might be better off just setting that default value to UTC time, or of course using "datetime" instead.