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OOUI icons should support dark-mode
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In T363849 we discovered that despite the hard work undertaken in integrating Codex 1.5 into the OOUI Wikimedia theme, that OOUI icons still need to be adapted to support dark-mode.

User story

As someone using OOUI products like VisualEditor, I expect icons to be visible in dark-mode.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 11.03.01 AM.png (503×1 px, 113 KB)

Current experience (based on in-progress work from T363849 and seen on patchdemo:


Icons used in OOUI should be visible in dark-mode.


I propose that OOUI icons support dark-mode via the .skin-invert class, which will have the impact of giving OOUI icons a slightly different (incorrect) color in dark-mode, but at least it will make icons that are black in light-mode, white in dark-mode.

Proposed solution:

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 11.07.01 AM.png (560×1 px, 118 KB)