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Watchlist as a Queue
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Author: mmovchin

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Back in the day, it used to be possible to set a Queue up to pull pages from a users watchlist so we could see edits to pages we were watching. Now the functionality is there (creating a Dynamic List Queue from Watchlist) but it just sits on "Running Query" and never populates.

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Is this watchlist as a queue or add items from watchlist to queue that is now selected

Impossible to parse last comment. It might be a question and some terms refer to UI elements which could be explicitly marked as such?

I mean:

Is this a request to set watchlist as a separate queue (feed provider) - only add items from watchlist to this queue and nothing else OR add watchlist as a rule eg. change existing queue to include / exclude also edits that are made to pages on watchlist?

given how old this bug is and that we released a new huggle recently, which has different design, the bug may need to be resubmitted with description which is matching the current huggle.

I have no idea what OP meant by "set a Queue up to pull pages from a users watchlist so we could see edits to pages we were watching". Queue in huggle 3 is pulling ALL pages and filters edits to these pages based on user preference.

A ptwiki user reported
that this feature is broken (or not implemented) on Huggle 3. The user expects the following behavior: after selecting the queue "Páginas vigiadas" (Watched pages) the list should be populated only with changes to pages he is watching. Currently, the list also shows edits to pages he is not watching. It seems other filters are not working either.

Another user reported the same problem in June:

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