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Request: New namespace for Portal
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Author: Aphaia

A new namespace for Portals(so-called Wikiportal). Now namspace portals are put
on are different by project. On some ns:0 (de:), on some ns:4 and for example,
"Wikipedia:Wikportal:XX" is redundant. On the other hand, ns:0 is not a proper
place, since they are not articles of encyclopedia apparently. Polish Wikipedia
uses ns:0 too but they name those pages "Wikiportal:XX".

In my opinion it would be better to create a new namespace and put those pages
in a same namespace across the project.

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koneko wrote:

That would be quite helpful, indeed

A two-fold suggestion: instead of having a completely separate namespace for
these portals, why not include these pages in the main namespace (or in the case
of the Community Portals, the Project namespace). We could have a special code
(something like PORTAL) be included at the top. This code would tell
MediaWiki not to include the page in the article count, and MediaWiki would also
then change the "article" tab at the top of the page to "portal", etc.

A namespace (Portal) would also be provided where it would be desirable to use
one. The Main Page and Community Portal would use the code, and the Wikiportals
would use the Portal namespace. My proposal seems to address many of the
concerns regarding the portals, as summarized at [[m:Special namespaces for
portals and lists]].

  • Bug 2113 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

en.ABCD wrote:

Patch to add Portal: and Portal_talk: namespaces


No patch necessary, there's a config option for custom namespaces.

aya wrote:

I think by "patch" they meant "change the config", but we ought to wait on the
outcome of the discussion at

en.ABCD wrote:

Marking as resolved, fixed - the Portal: namespace has been added on the English

Aphaia wrote:

(In reply to comment #7)

Marking as resolved, fixed - the Portal: namespace has been added on the English

I don't speak for English Wikipedia, I meant all project has this namespace; and
projects where I am active have no portal namespace yet. You can't close my
request in this circumstance

koneko wrote:

Was added by a developper (Hashar) on French wikipedia as customised namespace
(100, and 101 for Talk_Portal), so I think you should ask a dev to do the same
on your wiki

dunc_harris wrote:

The Commons needs a Portal: namespace. Is there anyone to do it?


gangleri wrote:

see also

bug 3385: Namespace for wikiportals at WP:PT

robchur wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 3385 ***

Aphaia wrote:

Because it isn't a specific request on a certain wiki, so it doesn't make a
sense in my opinion to mark it as duplicate of 3385 (later submitted and related
to one particular wiki)

Besides the above, Jawikinews need a ポータル namespace (and its talk) . ns:100
and 101 would be fine for assigning those additional namespace. Your work will
be appreciated.

robchur wrote:

So, as I said above, file a clear request in a new bug report...

Aphaia wrote:

Unless portal namespace is not expected to be included into a set of preset
namespaces, it makes a sense to submit each request to Bugzilla, though many of
tiny projects have a vague idea how to contact developers or use Bugzilla, so I
am afraid it is not the best idea to withdraw this idea.

Besides that, now there is a clear distinction between bugs and requests on
Bugzilla features. So I concur with Rob to close this request, though I don't
think it as a duplicate of a request on a particular wiki so I close it simply.
Also I don't mind if anyone reopen it. Thank you for all your participation.