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Force User page if User talk page exists
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Author: richholton

For a non-anonymous user, if there is a "User talk" page, then a default "User"
page should be created if there is none.

Currently, if user Foo has no user page, a link like [[User:Foo]] will show red.
If this link is clicked, then then User:Foo's home page will be opened for edit.
A newbie may not realize that you can jump to the user's talk page from the edit
page. This leads to confusion.

Some users intentionally maintain blank user pages for the purpose of
maintaining this red link. Regardless of the motivation, this is an abuse of the
intent of the "red link" system, which is intended to indicate a page that needs
to be created.

The auto-created user page could be completely blank, or it could just contain a
link to the user's talk page, or even a redirect to the talk page. However, the
user page should not be deletable if a sub-page exists.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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plugwash wrote:

seems a pretty controversial change to me.

i think if added it would either have to be optional and only turned on at the
request of individual projects or broad support would have to be shown accross
many projects.

avarab wrote:

I don't like this at all, the standard behaviour is to show red links for pages
that don't exists regardless of if their talkpages exist, WONTFIX?

Yup i will go for WONTFIX as well. Bug reporter is assuming
that "a newbie" (which eventually will learn stuff) "may"
(it can just happens, not even sure).

If people don't want a user page, so be it, you can still
create one for them with a simple space :o)

avarab wrote:

Resolving it as WONTFIX.