Upload filename minimum length counts only to first period
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Author: obchodnakorze

The count on the number of characters in a filename is stopped at the first
period. e.g. trying to upload an image called "D. A. Pennebaker CU.jpg" returns
the error "File names must be at least three letters." After some slight
experimentation I found out that removing the periods allowed the file to be
uploaded, hence this bug report.

I doubt this is very common (or, for that matter, very critical); I can think of
only a few people who go by initials, and I imagine most people would try
renaming the file. Maybe just add a short note to the upload page?

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Severity: normal


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Better handling may be to strip all periods but the last.

obchodnakorze wrote:

Erm. That's what I mean; that's what I had to figure out to do. :-)(In reply
to comment #1)

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dbenbenn wrote:

The software should simply count the length to the last period, not
the first. I ran into this bug today with
[[Image:E.T. poster.jpg]]

felipe.sanches wrote:

in my wiki I allow .tar.gz files, but when I try to upload a file like
pfbgimage-0.02.tar.gz it tells me that ".02.tar.gz" is not allowed.

So, its not a matter of renaming because it would mess with the convention of

the files shoudn´t be renamed and the file extension validator should parse the
filename from right to left. (not necessarilly stopping at the first period from
right to left - see the .tar.gz example)

robchur wrote:

I remember fixing this just before the 1.6.0 release.

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