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Edits wrongly attributed on frwikisource
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Author: marc.galli35

On Wikisource, a lot of data have disappeared :

5 contributions... but in fact :

2252 :

So, almost all my contributions has been remove from my list.

Shaihulud has edited the main page in 2003 :

But his contributions before 2009 have disappeared too :

I think some other accounts have this problem.

Thank for your help.

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Reedy added a comment.Mar 30 2012, 1:23 PM

You're only showing 4 now. Which is the same as the database thinks you have.

mysql> SELECT count(*) FROM revision WHERE rev_user = 44;




1 row in set (0.01 sec)

marc.galli35 wrote:

This is a bug. See history like :

You can see "Caton" in it. And I have consulted my contributions before, so I know that almost all my contributions are missing.

Reedy added a comment.Mar 30 2012, 1:41 PM

(In reply to comment #2)

This is a bug. See history like :

I don't think anyone disagreed with you.

When did you last see your contributions attributed to your account?

Reedy added a comment.Mar 30 2012, 1:44 PM

Have you had your account renamed?

marc.galli35 wrote:

It's difficult to remember, because it is a former account. Sometimes for some
reason, I look what I have done with this account. The last time was perhaps
last year.

My account was not renamed. It is an former account from old wikisource. But
all was fine on fr: until now.

marc.galli35 wrote:

I think some old contributions are not attributed to several accounts. For exemple :

there is no contribution ; but in main page history you can see the account :

But in the same time, Samuel has made 5 contribution the 23 november 2003, and you can see them in his list :

I don't understand this difference.

marc.galli35 wrote:

Same problem for Traroth :

no contribution in the main page in this list. But the account is in the
history of the main page.

Reedy added a comment.Mar 30 2012, 3:20 PM

mysql> SELECT distinct(rev_user) FROM revision WHERE rev_user_text = 'Caton';




2 rows in set (0.89 sec)

marc.galli35 wrote:

Is there a solution ? it is quite disturbing that contributions can vanish like that.

marc.galli35 wrote:

Any idea ?

Contributions imported from a foreign wiki aren't stored with the rev_user of the account, but with rev_user = 0 and only linked through rev_user_text.

In this case I think that all those missing are revisions coming from old wikisource.

SELECT count(*) FROM revision WHERE rev_user_text = 'Caton';





But most of them are imported:
SELECT rev_user, count(*) FROM revision WHERE rev_user_text = 'Caton' GROUP BY rev_user;





Special:Contributions used to filter by rev_user_text, so all of them were listed. That seems to have been changed in 1.19 and should be reverted.

marc.galli35 wrote:

Thank for these explanations. I hope this will be reverted soon.

marc.galli35 wrote:

So, how a contributor can watch his list of contributions if this list doesn't exist anymore ?

Sorry for the long wait... yes, this is a known bug in Special:Contributions: T36873, caused by 99984c809 and related to T9240.

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