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Article Feedback Page - New design
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Please follow the new look and feel proposal from Pau Giner, as illustrated in this mockup:

Please do not implement the gray background above the toolbar, however. This will be updated on the next mockup.

Also note that we want to reduce the max. number of characters shown by default down to 300, from 500 now, because this can make short comments have too much empty space. Since most of the comments we analyzed in the Obama page fit in 300 chars we thought is was a good number.

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Here are some simple presentational tweaks for the new look of the feedback page.

Because these are mostly simple copy or layout tweaks, I have listed them all in one bug, rather than open a dozen tiny bug reports, in the interest of time. (Note that the more complex bugs now have their own tickets.)

The overall goal of the requests below is to make the feedback page match more closely this updated mockup for the feedback page:

  • Page Title

Let's add 'on' and say 'Feedback on Golden-crowned Sparrow', as shown in the mockup.

  • Number of posts

Let's say '234 feedback posts for this page', as shown in the mockup. (We are not supposed to use the word 'article', because Wikimedia's policy is to use the word 'page' for international deployments.)

  • Percent of users

Let's use a smaller font for '65% found what they were looking for', as shown in the mockup.

  • Filters

See separate ticket for tweaking the filters.

  • Sort by

Re-order the sort links ('Sort by: Relevance | Date | Helpfulness | Rating'), to match the mockup.

  • Horizontal dividers

The first horizontal divider below the filter and sort tools should be 2 pixels high, with a slightly darker shade of gray; the remaining dividers between posts should only by 1 pixel high, as shown in the mockup.

  • Comments too wide

The width of the text area for comments still seems too wide, compared to the mockup. Comments stretch too far to the right when the window is extended, making them hard to read? Can we reduce that width by about 20%? Or not expand the width of the text area beyond 720 pixels or so?

  • Percent who found it helpful

Use a smaller font and parenthesis for '(60% found it helpful)', as shown in the mockup.

  • 'Featured' and 'Resolved' labels

See separate ticket for solving gracefully collisions between these labels and the tools panel.

reha wrote:

Implemented and submitted to gerrit: