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Article Feedback Page - Metrics Stage 4 Test: Survey button, bucketing and/or click tracking
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This ticket is to capture any other development tasks needed for AFT Metrics Stage 4, to measure usage of the feedback page (besides the CTA5 work).

For example, we want to add a small button linking to the survey, called 'What do you think of this page?' at the top right of the feedback page, right after the 'BETA' label.

It will link to this survey, in the same size pop-up window as we did for the last user survey from CTA 4:

Pau Giner can provide a small blue button, or we can make as needed.

This survey is scheduled to start next week, but only for a couple weeks.

I defer to Dario as to whether any click tracking is needed for this stage 4 test.

See our Metrics Stage 4 plan here:

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Here is a mockup of what the survey button will look like on the feedback page, from Pau Giner:

(Note that it is missing the 'BETA' label, which I recommend

And here is a link to the survey button graphic, both with and without text (btn-with-text.png):

I will get the survey approved by legal next, but you can start linking to it right away at the URL above, since this will not deploy until next week.

Dario, can you please let us know what bucketing or click tracking requirements are needed on your end for this deployment, which is scheduled for next Thursday, 5/17?

I also increased this ticket's priority, so we can start tackling these items for next week's deployment, once we are done with the code for tomorrow's deployment.


Here are the Stage 4 click tracking specs, which Dario prepared based on our discussions:

Here are Dario's notes:
• I didn't add the full event list to avoid combinatorial explosion, hope that's ok
• I added the user_privs suffix to the first type of events (referral events) for consistency
• Roan just confirmed that it's ok to track talk page impressions on the AFT5 sample (incl. random and additional) at 100% (I estimate we won't get more than 20K impression events per day and that's a theoretical upper boundary that we're unlikely to reach).
• I eventually didn't add any requirements to track usage via the central log as separate for the regular feedback page: a cheap way to do this would be to add a 4th referral key (ref_log or something) to the events that support this key (i.e. landing and filter events), I would definitely deprioritize this if it requires extra work or produces potential data integrity issues we may not have time to check for before the deployment.
• the additional data in the last field (page_title|rev_id) still refers to the ns0 of the article itself, not the special page. Should we support events for the central log (as above) , this should have the page name as page_title, rev_id set to NULL, ns=-1 in the dedicated ns field of the log.
• this is really pushing the CT format to its limits, hope it's the last time we need to create these.

reha wrote:

Implemented and submitted to gerrit:

We need to make a more prominent survey button for the feedback page, because nobody is clicking on the gray "What do you think?" button on that page:

To make sure we get the survey responses we need, I propose we do the following:

  1. Make the button about 25% larger (both height and font size, at least as large as 'Showing' on the feedback page)
  1. Make the button blue (instead of gray, like the CTA buttons)
  1. Place it higher and more to the right (between 'this is a prototype' and 'View article').

I have asked Pau Giner to prepare this button and post the URL to the final version here.

Created attachment 10652
Blue survey button "What do you think of this feedback tool?"

Here is a new, more prominent survey button ("What do you think of this feedback tool?")

Please add it in the same location where the gray survey button is now, right-aligned.

It should go to the same survey URL as the gray button does now.


See also related Bugzilla ticket, with a final spec for the bucketing and click tracking of Metrics test 5:

Bug 37287 - Metrics Stage 5 Test: Bucketing and click tracking

For our next deployment on June 12, we do not plan to make any changes to the metrics stage 4 test: leave click tracking active for the Feedback Page past June 12 (as it's generating a limited amount of data in the log and we still want to measure its usage).

See also: Bug 37287 - Metrics Stage 5 Test, for major changes to be deployed on June 12: