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Using nonexistent template in table header inserts an extraneous ">" into the rendered page
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Author: ryebrye

Building a table and following the instructions at metawiki, I used {{prettytable}} to format a table. On the rendered page, an extra ">"
hung between the caption of the table and the table itself. Removing the "{{prettytable}}" fixed the error (and I guess {{prettytable}} is the
default table formatting because it didn't change the looks of the table to remove that)

I searched through all the files to try to find where the heck {{prettytable}} lived, but I had no luck.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal



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rowan.collins wrote:

The code {{prettytable}} just means "insert the contents of the page
[[Template:Prettytable]] here", so if you haven't created such a template, it
should have no effect. See [[meta:Help:Template]]; I've re-worded the section of
[[meta:Help:Table]] that refers to this to hopefully make clearer that this is
not some built-in part of the software, just an example of a useful trick.

Meanwhile, using the non-existent template in the middle of the table syntax
appears to have confused the parser somewhat, hence the extra ">". That could be
considered a bug, but it's not something that ever *needs* to work, and solving
it is likely to create more serious problems.

This creates invalid markup, from the link replacement borking:
<table <!-- -->>

New HTML sanitizer in 1.5 handles this correctly:

Resolving as FIXED.