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Not possible to register SemanticMediaWiki in most languages (1.7.1)
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Author: nussgipfel

Today I updatet our MediaWiki installation and also the SemanticMediaWiki extension. I've seen the "Announce your wiki" Button and tried to hit it for every language we use.

It was only possible to register the Wikis which use english as there configured language (German worked also).

The problem is, that for most languages MediaWiki supports the special pages (and even the special pages namespace) has a different name than in english.

Here is a example for the italien language (Version page):

The URL that was requested by this italian installation was:

Version: master
Severity: minor



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This bug is closely related to bug 35389. Perhaps it may be marked as duplicate though the behaviour described here is a bit different.

I have opened an issue report [1] to consolidate the existing bugs concerning the Wiki registration. Thus closing as RESOLVED FIXED here.