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New Pages Feed - Filters flyout
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I recommend using 'Set filters' as the title for the filter flyout link (instead of 'Filter list'), to match the name of the button in that flyout. Using a verb at the start of the title also makes it more actionable, and matches the 'Sort by' prompt for the sorting option.

  • I also suggest we use the word 'Show' at the top of the flyout (instead of 'Include'), to connect it more clearly with the 'Showing' label above it.
  • The namespace drop-down menu could also be clearer, by saying 'Articles (Main)' instead of just 'Main', which is not easy to understand by a new editor. Similarly, we could say 'User pages' (instead of 'User') to clarify what the other namespace refers to.
  • I propose that we move or rename the 'Show all' label, which doesn't make grammatical sense right below the 'That' prompt. One possible solution would be to move 'Show All' to the bottom of the list. Another solution could be to rename 'That' to say something else, but I love the simplicity of that phrase.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal