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Any mediawiki mail functions are potentially blocked by missing "space"in php mail() call in UserMailer::userMailer()
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Any mail function within MediaWiki (mail a new password, email user, confirm
email, ENotif) is potentially(*) broken in a certain php version [1] due to a
missing space. This has been reported by a user.

Fix by adding an additional space after the "-f" option letter.

Example 3 in [2], which was used when implementing this in UserMailer.php, does
not show the space, but it helped to get a touchy php mail() implementation running.

Therefore I suggest to change line 132 in UserMailer.php from
mail( wfQuotedPrintable_name_and_emailaddr($to), $subject, $body, $headers,
mail( wfQuotedPrintable_name_and_emailaddr($to), $subject, $body, $headers, "-f

[1] PHP: 4.3.10 (apache)

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: critical



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wegge wrote:

Not a PHP problem, but a problem with some implementations of the sendmail
executable. Fixed in HEAD.