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LC/UC problem at
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Author: vitomedia

Before I start, please see this if you are not familiar with Turkish:

Here is the thing: When I need to work on local MediaWiki messages, I use Special:AllMessages, and all names start with lowercase on that list. Please see:

When I open one of the messages that begin with dotted lc i, the page opens with dotted uc i. In other words, first link on that list above goes to this:

All the pages are there, but your changes do not work, because you actually have to change this:

But you can not access the dotless version from AllMessages, and we need a fix (and a huge cleanup job afterwards).

I tend to overcomplicate things a bit, so please feel free to ask if a certain aspect is not clear.

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This looks like a MediaWiki core issue to me, not something trwiki-specific...

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