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Feedback page - 'Oversight requested' appears twice in 'More filters' drop down menu
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In the Central feedback page, the 'More filters' drop down menu has two instances of 'Oversight requested', as shown in the attached screenshot.

There should only be one instance of this filter.

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The first one (with the most entries) is visible only to oversighters and contains all posts that have been oversight-requested.
The second one is also visible to monitors and contains all posts that have been oversight-requested, but have not yet been oversighted.

Which should be removed? Personally, I don't think the first one makes a lot of sense, as these entries are all in the "oversighted" filter as well, and I don't really see how this additional filter for their origin ("they were requested for oversight") would matter.
I've removed the first one (Gerrit:, prototype as well), is that OK?

Thanks, Matthias.

I agree with your decision to keep the second filter, which should only show oversight requests which were neither oversighted NOR declined. On the Central feedback page right now, there are only 11 such posts.

(And it is appropriate to remove the first filter that includes all oversight requests -- including those that have been oversighted or declined - now over 200 items).

However, the second filter which you kept is not visible to people in the aft-hide group, which now lets me see oversighted items. Can we fix this, please?

Also, while you're working on this drop-down menu, it would be great if you could replace the bottom label 'All (oversight)' with 'All posts', to be more clear about the real effect of that action.