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Extra parameters to control output of DynamicPageList (DPL) extension
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Author: kbaas

Regarding DynamicPageList (DPL) for WikiNews
I've got a number of requests, parameters to add:

*sort by: (*date, last change, name, etc.) date - wikinews has date categories
in the format "June 1, 2005". every news article should be in one of these
**primary and secondary criteria?
*order: (asc or desc)

*notcategory: logical AND NOT with list items (example: notcategory: disputed)
*style: (bulleted(default), numbered, none)
*prefix: (none(default), date, category (specified via a supercategory,
"category:" is trimmed when displayed)) -put the prefix before the article name,
w/a colon after it. for example: "June 1, 2005: Joe decides to have a hamburger"
*trimtemplates: don't list templates
*trimcategories: don't list categories
*suppresserrors: don't display errors

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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rowan.collins wrote:

[please try to make the summary of bugs describe the issue succinctly but precisely]

micki001 wrote:

A 'notcategory' feature as mentioned in the original post would be extremely
good. I may code one.

mediazilla wrote:

In v1.2 (see cvs, plus deployed on en.wikinews) I added:

  • sorting (parameter "ordermethod", values in {categoryadd, lastedit}, default


  • order (parameter "order", values in {descending, ascending}, default descending)
  • style (parameter "mode", values in {unordered, ordered, none}, default unordered)
  • suppress errors (parameter "suppresserrors", value must be in {true}, default

is not set)

  • exclude category (parameter "notcategory", value equivalent to the parameter


Documentation is at [[m:DynamicPageList]]

As far as I can tell, all of these params (except maybe style?) have been implemented in DPL. Style can be achieved with CSS.