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parameter-set option to make DPLs keep static page-order
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Author: kbaas

To quote a user "The problem (BIG problem) with DPLs is that they list by time
of last edit. Therefore, the ordering of articles is constantly changing, which
is very confusing to everyone."

an option to the suggested sortby parameter might work this:
or some timestamp that stays constant.
alternatively, i had suggested earlier a sort by parameter, a secondary and
primary criteria:
sortby=date DESC,name ASC
wich might also do the trick, but i think people want to keep it in time-order too.

while i'm on the topic, a sortby custom field, such as "rank" or "rating" might
be nice, though i know that's unlikely.

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Severity: enhancement



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Tagging as fixed since there's an "orderby" property.