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Edit Link Ignore Alias Change When Logged On
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Author: claco

As described on the meta site, I made the change to httpd.conf adding an alis
from /wiki to /wiki/index.php and change the LocalSettins.php file accordingly.
Everything works like a champ when editing as an anonymous user. All edit links
at the top and beside each section [and other links] show up as /wiki/MyPage or

However, when I log in as a user, the Edit link at the top of each page uses
/wiki?title=MyPage&action=edit but the Edit link next to each section displays
/wiki/index.php?title=MyPage&action=edit&section=x. That link should be the
same as the one at the top. Clicking on the bogus link yields an edit box with
nothing in it and the title is "Editing Index.php".

Now, I understand that it's trying to edit the wrong thing because of the alias,
but that wouldn't be a problem if the section Edit links were correct. :-)

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: major
Platform: PC



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