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Pre validation of username for ACC experiment is inaccurate
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All valid fields

See the screenshots of me trying to register one of my accounts.

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You're right, unfortunately. Client-side validation in account creation is hampered by bug 40648 "can't validate username against blocking extensions like AntiSpoof." Technical discussion should continue there.

Do you think client-side validation is useful as it is, given that it can be misleading and you only discover some problems with form input by submitting it?

Maybe the green checkmark shouldn't turn on for the username field. It means "no apparent errors with this field", not "this is going to work". It's possible for extensions to complain about the other fields on form submissions, but I haven't seen this happen on enwiki for password and e-mail.

swalling wrote:

Yes, AntiSpoof and other extensions don't yet play nice with the client-side validation.

This version is solely for testing purposes, to try and understand whether updating validation will have any measurable benefits for end users.

When/if we move to productize this, we'll definitely need to resolve bug 40648 and similar dependencies from extensions that add more checks than are in core.

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