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Feedback link on article pages
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This proposed feature would enable editors to find out if there is new feedback about their articles and quickly access the feedback page from the article page.

See our feature requirements page for full details:

We propose adding a link below the article title if there are relevant suggestions that could be helpful to editors, as shown in this mockup:

This link would:

  • Appear below the article title, after the words 'From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'.
  • Include an icon to make the link visually more prominent (e.g. 'talk' icon).
  • Use the word "suggestions" (or 'reader suggestions', to make it more clear what content to expect).
  • Display the number of relevant posts, to give editors an idea of how much we are going to help them.
  • Only show this link to auto-confirmed editors, and only if there are relevant feedback posts

The counter would only display the number of 'relevant posts', to focus on quality and meet editor expectations (e.g.: posts that have been featured or found helpful).

Clicking on the link would take you to the feedback page, showing the 'Most Relevant' filter.

If editors do not wish to see this link, they would have the option to turn off Article feedback in their user preferences, so that the feedback page link would be hidden, along with not only would the feedback form. Clicking that checkbox again would turn Article feedback back on and display both the link and the feedback form.

To that end, we may want to use the same Feedback Button 'X' Close box we had used for the feedback link option A when we tested it last spring, as described at the end of this section:

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Will be on labs as soon as it's merged.

How about making the talk-page link the same as this one (instead of "view reader feedback", also make it "4 suggestions"), for consistency?

Also, I was wondering why the link should only be shown to editors; wouldn't it be beneficial if readers are intrigued and end up marking feedback as helpful/unhelpful? (we could even put up a notice that they get more powerful feedback moderation tools after registering an account)

Thanks, Matthias!

Please let us know when it's merged and ready for testing.

You make a reasonable point about the benefits of letting readers access this feedback page as well.

Normally, I would not hesitate to do this, but we are hearing concerns from editors that the tool is increasing their workload by forcing them to moderate the comments. One counter-argument we have been making is that they do not have to moderate, because the feedback page is not being promoted to the general public. This counter-argument would lose its strength if we started promoting the feedback page to readers on article pagess, making it a lot more visible than on the talk page.

We will discuss this tough trade-off on Wednesday's project review. A possible compromise could be to not show 'All comments' to readers unless they register.

To answer your first question, I agree that this new link is almost the same as the talk page link, with the exception of whether or not readers get to see it. For now, we may want to keep them separate until we resolve the issue above.

I like your idea of letting readers know that that they get more powerful feedback moderation tools after registering an account. This is something we may want to do if we determine that we want to encourage more reader moderation in the All-comments page.

To be continued after we get to test your first implementation and get more input on the issues above.

Thanks again for moving forward on this!

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Merge got reverted - is there a new ticket to follow?

Committed it anew:
It was reverted because we want to bundle it with a couple of other changes later