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Coalesce change events before injecting them into the recentchanges table
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The pollForChanges should coalesc (combine/collapse) successive changes done by the same user to the same item. This avoids clutter in the recentchanges table (and thus in the watchlist), and also reduces overhead for notifying client wikis about changes.

Note that some information from the edit comment may be lost; or perhaps the summaries for each edit can be stored in the rc_params field of the recentchanges table and later be used for rendering the RC item be type appropriate hook.

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Note: This is related to but not at all the same as bug 42065. In fact, to improve performance, both should be done: coalescing change events and skipping redundant update jobs.

If coalescing makes it difficult to keep the comments somehow then a link could be added to include the comments through ajax calls. To make that work it would be necessary to add from-to/start-end times or revisions.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 31