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"Templates used on this page:" is not updated (properly) while a page is changed
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Author: gangleri


If you follow how
was created wou may see that

"Templates used on this page:"

  1. "used" means both "refered" and included / transcluded
  2. " used" apears only of you "edit" / "preview" an existing page and not if the

page is just "created from scratch"

  1. " used" seems to be "Templates used when the page was created" update is slow

if there is any update

  1. I stopped creating the templates "missing" at the time the page was created.
  2. I did not test what happens if the page is deleded and if all or only some

revisions are restored

  1. "Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Bugzilla 2409 comment 2 – trough simple

redirect" lists this page despite the fact that it is neither refered in this
revision nor in revision 7563

  1. I did not test "nesting" templates as {{foo{{{bar}}}|foobar}} where the

included template names are known only at higher levels.

  1. I did not test "infinite recursion", neither direct or caused by some types

of nested templates

Bug dependencies are unclear to me.
bug 1065: Inclusions should not be stored in the generic 'links' table
duplicate bug 2409#c2

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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magnusrk+wiki wrote:

The reason both links to templates and template inclusions show up is because there is no way to tell them apart with the current
system. They're both links to pages in namespace 10. This is Bug 1065.

Inclusions are stored in the links table, and the links table is updated whenever the page is saved. This is partially the bug
that deals with template changes not cascading to transcluding pages (because only the template's links table entries are
updated) and partially the fact that the list of templates is taken from the links table (which is no updated by previewing) and
not the recently parsed page.

"This is how it is" and "This is how it should be" statements would be useful in clarifying exactly what you consider the problem

gangleri wrote:

in response to comment 1:

I would experience the following behavior:
a) "Templates used on this *page*:" is used on this *revision of this page*

this would mean that you add templates to "Templates used on this *revision

of this page*:"

if templates are added then they *should* be added the list
if templates are *remove* then they *should* be removed from the list

I do not know what happens if templates are available only in a deleted revision
but never shows later.

I have no clue *why*
shows *only one* template.
The *first* revision of this page did contain a lot. Maybe the link table wa
droped / cleared.

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

robchur wrote:

Several fixes have been applied to the "templates used on this page" box since
this report was filed, and it wasn't all that clear which specific cases were

If any still remain, please open clear and specific bugs against them.