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Gadget HotCats doesn't behave with Index: forms
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The somewhat universal gadget HotCat doesn't interface well with the Index: page forms, in fact it basically strips it of data and applies a blank template

The form has never worked well with HotCat even back to ThomasV's efforts, but it would be useful if there was a designated interactive zone where HotCat could work. This is predominantly for maintenance work.

At this point of time, enWS will probably have to consider neutering HotCat in that namespace.

Version: REL1_20-branch
Severity: normal



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I think that, if we want to make HotCat work with index pages, we will need to customize it to work with the index pages edit form. I don't want to include bad hack to ProofreadPage only to make it work with HotCat.

Okay, are you suggesting that becomes a WONTFIX here, and something that is taken back to the WS wiki(s)? It is sometimes hard to know where the Extension starts and stops with relation to Index: pages. :-)

Yes, it's what I suggest: I believe that the extension mustn't have any code relying on a gadget. But if there are issues with the current edit system of the extension, they have to be fixed in the extension.

So I close as WONTFIX.