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resources/mw.FormDataTransport.js makes use of deprecated jQuery.browser and uses string comparison
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l.26 of UpWiz/resources/mw.FormDataTransport.js compares two strings. This makes the condition true for my current Firefox version ("17.0" < "7.0" === true) so, a more resource insensitive method is used instead of the native FormData()
This is not the intended behaviour; "this.gecko" should be only true for Firefox versions lower than 7.0 (

To fix the issues, it needs to

  1. eliminate the use of deprecated $.browser
  2. when comparing versions, compare them as numbers

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Severity: minor



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Note to myself:
Formdata won't work before FF 22 [ ] because it will use "blob" as file name (ignoring the specified file name) and MediaWiki will complain about a missing file extension.

Change 74425 had a related patch set uploaded by Rillke:
Replacing deprecated $j.browser with $.client

Change 74425 merged by jenkins-bot:
Replacing deprecated $j.browser with $.client

Change 141140 had a related patch set uploaded by Inchikutty:
Replacing deprecated $j.browser with $.client

Change 141140 abandoned by Alex Monk:
Replacing deprecated $j.browser with $.client

[Restoring previous FIXED status]

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