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Allow deleting the most recent version of an image
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Author: dbenbenn

It should be possible to delete only the most recent
revision of an image. When an image is vandalized, the
current procedure is to revert, then delete the second-to-
last (vandalism) version. This is suboptimal, as it
leaves a phantom "Reverted to earlier revision" version in

The "Delete all revisions" link is redundant anyway, as it
does the same thing as the "Delete" tab. I suggest
that "Delete all revisions" should be replaced with a
regular "del".

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Suggest INVALID, because you also cannot delete the current version of a page.

Per comment #1, don't see the reason for this. Wiki pages are frequently vandalized and the most egregious cases are often RevisionDeleted AFTER the latest revision containing said vandalism has been rolled back. Why would it not be the same for files?

This should be marked INVALID and the second concern about the "delete all revisions" link can be filed as a separate bug.

Closing as per comment 1 and comment 2.