old revisions of pages are shown when not logged in and also revision history is outdated
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Author: Yoda1893

When I'm not logged in and watch at articles as German IP outdated revisions of all articles which were edited within the last four days (in every language version of Wikipedia) are shown to me. Also when I look at the revision history I can (as IP) not see all recent edits. Often the revision history is more outdated and does not even show the outdated revision which is shown. Sometimes I can not see edits since 23 January and sometimes I can see edits from 23 January but not more recent edits. When I edit a page as IP I can see the current revision and all revisions in the revision history. But when I delete the cookies or just use another browser I can again not see the recent revisions of this articles. Purging does not have any effect. (I just tried again to purge 1 minute ago)

For example [[:es:Federico Macheda]]

When I am not logged in I see an outdated revision of 21 January which contains vandalism. Also in the revision history I see only revisions until 21 January.

At [[:en:Federico Macheda]] I see an outdated revision of 24 January and the revision history only contains revisions until 23 January.

The same problem concerns nearly ALL articles which were edited since 22 January. When I am logged in the problem disappears. But when I log out and delete cookies again I see the same old revisions and outdated revision history.

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As this was also mentioned in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_pump_%28technical%29#Users_reporting_site_time_issues_and_delay_in_visible_update_of_edits , also CCing Leslie on this one as she is investigating.

Also see bug 44360.

Hey :). So, I've just been talking to Leslie, one of our more awesome Ops engineers - and by 'awesome' I mean 'she spent 8 hours being batted around tech support and developers at the company that makes some of our hardware, and even more troubleshooting'. She's been working literally non-stop on this since Friday, and is incredibly sorry about both the problem and the fact that it's taking so long. Hopefully we'll have it resolved soon: I'll let you know as soon as we have an update :).

lcarr wrote:

Fixed! Appending ?action=purge should work for all of the affected pages

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