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Get "add" button related DOM remnants out of jQuery.wikibase.claimlistview and don't use 'wb-claim' template for "add" button
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Even though with bug 44745 being solved, the toolbar went out of the claimlistview widget, the DOM which contains the "add" button is still there. The DOM should probably go and be generated where the "add" button is being generated since that DOM doesn't really belong to the widget. If a list of claims should only be displayed and not editable (e.g. during diff views where we don't display the edit buttons) there is no point in having this piece of DOM.

Also, the jQuery.wikibase.claimlistview is currenlty abusing the 'wb-claim' template for the row which displays that "add" button. This is quite confusing and as a result there is some weird code in claimlistview that has to differentiate whether a row is an actual claim or just that row with the "add" button.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal