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Wrong numerical separators of big numbers. Slovenian numeric format
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Author: roman.maurer

Big numbers in Slovene language should be written with ».« for a thousand
separator and with »,« as a decimal point separator. Note that this is the same
as in German language and opposite to American English! Example: one million
tolars is written as »1.000.000,00«.

Since recently (maybe a week or two or so) Slovene Wikipedia displays those
numbers in an American English way, which is wrong. See example on the
[[sl:Glavna stran]] (link in URL), search for »nastalo« and see the next number.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement



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djevrek wrote:

Same on Serbian Wiki, if you solve this on SL: Wiki please solve on Serbian. See and number of pages. 12,000 instead of 12.000. We write
nubers same as SL: wiki.

roman.maurer wrote:

And same on [[:commons:Glavna stran]]. Number should be in Slovene format.