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Moderation bar is not displaying existence of a note
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Moderation sidebar is saying "No reason given"+"Add note" after own moderation action but a note was added and is already shown in the activity log.
For other editors there is no "Read note".

This _could_ disappear after some time but it not a single case. Currently I'm waiting for more than 30 minutes.
Then I voted down the feedback and instantly it is displayed correct again.

It was reported by different users at different times.

Version: master
Severity: major



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mr.heat wrote:

I can confirm this and a lot more very similar problems. Actions disappear and reappear sometimes. Notes disappear and reappear. It tells me a feedback is already moderated but at the same time the moderation tools are active. Many of these confusing displays simply disappear after 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 15 minutes and sometimes it never disappears.

  • Bug 46423 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Patch to fix the inconsistencies with "add note" is in Gerrit: - the "last action" cache was not being purged, so it was still considered empty (until it was purged by performing any other action, or expired)

TMg: I'm not sure about those similar problems. I assume it's probably hard to nail it down, but you wouldn't happen to have some more details (like what action, what time, link to feedback) for "it tells me a feedback is already moderated but at the same time the moderation tools are active"?

mr.heat wrote:

I'm afraid it's not really possible to reproduce this. Maybe it only happens when done from Germany. Maybe it's fixed now. I don't know. I guess it's a different issue not related to the missing purge you found. Or some more purges are missing.

All actions created confusing displays. Do an action (e.g. click "no action needed") and reload the page or switch to an other filter (e.g. the "no action needed" filter or "all comments"). The moderated comment either disappears (like the moderation is lost) or it shows a confusing state. The "mark as" tools on the right side are still there like the comment is not moderated. But it has a "marked as no action needed" flag the same time.

The original problem has been solved for now.
The problem with list view caches has a ticket of its own (, so I'm closing this one